How It Works
(how buying gold on WoWCircle works)

Buying gold from Gold4WoWCircle works in a few easy steps:

1) Pick the realm you play on from the home page:
- Wrath of the Lich King Realms: 3.3.5a x1 PvE Virgin | 3.3.5a x5 | 3.3.5a x10 | 3.3.5a x25 | 3.3.5a x100
- Cataclysm Realms: 4.3.4 x1 | 4.3.4 x100
- Mists of Pandaria: 5.4.8 x1
- Warlords of Draenor: 6.2.3 x2

2) Choose the amount of gold you wish to buy,

3) Insert the name of your character, your alternate e-mail address (used for contact) and pick your faction (horde / alliance)

4) Finish the payment process on Paypal.

5) That's all that is needed from you. There is no step 5 :)

Important Note: The transfer process is recorded with screenshots and videos, incase a dispute arises between our parties.

We always aim to deliver the gold as fast as possible to you. Please bear with us if we are AFK due to offline activities - the gold is always delivered within 24 hours, or you will get your money back as per our Refund Policy. We are mostly online during the "normal" day-light early-night time of CET / MSK zones.

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